“What an easy and effective tool to help ease stress, thank you! I like that I can pop into a session for however long and get some guided help, which essentially are tools I can use on or off shift. Sometimes just having that confidential support helps me do what I know I should be doing for myself, especially during difficult times. Thank you for making this a free resource!”
Shae, RN Registered Nurse Truckee CA

“Covid Calm was a 30-minute peaceful interlude in an incredibly hectic day in healthcare. I especially enjoyed connecting with others throughout the world who are experiencing similar stressors. Thank you for the opportunity to briefly destress and connect!”
Meryl, PT & Senior Manager Patient Access Services, Raleigh NC

“What a great program! I work with children and families in the dependency system, and the 30 minutes I spent with Covid Calm practicing mindfulness, connecting with others and being thankful was time well spent!  Kudos to the volunteer professionals for creating this calm space for re-charging one’s battery.”
Rania, Reno, NV Social Worker

“It is not always the case in times of crisis that useful tools appear to help us find our way. Covid Calm does just that. This accessible program allows those who are caring for others to better care for themselves. That’s a winning combination. Thank you for your work!”
Mark, San Francisco, Former CA State Senator

Thanks so much for this session! I love the organized structure of Covid Calm and how it can quickly tame some of the anxiety so many of us are experiencing these days.”
Elise, Business Owner Sacramento, CA